The Charlotte Post’s Climate For Change project examines the environmental advocacy movement in Charlotte’s Black community. The four-part series includes reporting on how Black people are emerging as unique voices in the conversation addressing dirty air, water and land that historically impacted their neighborhoods.

The Post’s journalists talk to local activists, historians, and community leaders to learn how Black Charlotteans are taking active roles in the environmental movement and creating a new narrative that runs counter to long-held stereotypes of “tree huggers” from the 1960s and ‘70s.

The project breaks new ground by detailing the work African Americans are putting in to raise sustainability awareness in their neighborhoods, whether it’s through data, research, or commerce that benefits community and environment. The subject is especially important in the African American community due to the disproportionate pollution that leaves Black people at risk of negative health outcomes and life-altering events such as flooding.

In addition to serial reporting for The Post's print edition and website, we leverage social media, podcast production and newsletters to generate awareness of the series and engage new audiences.