Where can I access The 1619 Project?

Use these links to download the complete special issue of The New York Times Magazine, the supplementary broadsheet, and the special kids’ section as PDFs. You can also find the project on The New York Times website here, and the five-episode podcast with transcripts here.

How do I get a physical copy of The 1619 Project?

The 1619 Project magazine, broadsheet, and kids’ section are not available in physical form from the Pulitzer Center or from The New York Times. You can purchase a copy of The 1619 Project anthology here, and the illustrated children's book Born on the Water here.

Where is The 1619 Project being taught in classrooms?

Educators in all 50 states have told us they are using 1619 Project resources and associated curricular resources from the Pulitzer Center website with their students. Members of The 1619 Project Education Network currently represent 21 states; you can learn more about their work here.

How do I apply for The 1619 Project Education Network?

Thank you for your interest! The Pulitzer Center opens applications for educator teams to join The 1619 Project Education Network once a year. Please visit this page to learn more about the Network, eligibility criteria, and the next application cycle.

Does the Pulitzer Center administer the Pulitzer Prizes?

No. The Pulitzer Prizes are administered by Columbia University. The Pulitzer Center, despite bearing the Pulitzer name, is in no way affiliated with the prizes.