Pulitzer Center Update October 11, 2021

Webinar From NAHJ: 'High-Impact Photojournalism: From Breaking News to In-Depth'

Someone, with their back to the camera, raises their fist during a protest.

In Argentina, household workers—95% of whom are women—have been among the hardest hit by the...

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High-impact photojournalism- From breaking news to in-depth from NAHJ Admin on Vimeo.

Photojournalism has multiple expressions and, at times, the pace of daily coverage prevents us from taking a leap toward in-depth stories, which require a different approach. During the workshop, Pulitzer Center grantee Anita Pouchard Serra shared methodologies that allow journalists to shift from breaking news, both from the narrative approach and from the visual language. What are the ethical, creative, and methodological challenges of long-term photojournalism? What are its possibilities and its limits? How do we produce projects like these in the pandemic context? Participants were invited to reflect on a project idea, and case studies guided the conversation.

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