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Story Publication logo December 16, 2021

Introducing “Tracked and Traced,” a New Podcast From WDET and MSU’s Science Gallery

Tracked and Trace

A 10-episode podcast looks into the ever-growing impact of surveillance technology on our lives.

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You are being surveilled. In the street, at home, on your phone. Police, governments, and corporations are collecting more data than ever before in the name of safety and security. “Tracked and Traced” asks: Is it worth it? Is it working?

Hosted by Natasha T. Miller and Antajuan Scott and featuring original reporting from WDET, this 10-episode series will explore the ways surveillance technology are integrated into our everyday lives, and the price we pay for safety, security, and convenience.

New episodes will be released every other week, starting early 2022.

Episode topics will include:

  • The creation of the Patriot Act and Terrorist Watch List after the 9/11 attacks
  • Project Greenlight in Detroit
  • ShotSpotter audio surveillance
  • Police intelligence infrastructure
  • Video surveillance in schools
  • The risks of going viral
  • Profits and privacy
  • Drones and wildfire surveillance
  • Foster system databases in the U.S.
  • Street-level video surveillance

"Tracked and Traced" is the second podcast collaboration between WDET and Michigan State University's Science Gallery. The 10-episode series, Science of Griefinvited young adults to share their own stories of grief, and invited mental health professionals to offer tips and takeaways for listeners. Science of Grief is available wherever you get your podcasts.

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