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Project June 2, 2019

Women of the Forest Unite to Protect the Amazon


Movimento de Mulheres do Xingu.
Movimento de Mulheres do Xingu.

Indigenous communities all over Brazil are threatened by anti-indigenous decisions which put the legitimate possession of their land at risk. During the 15th Free Land Camp held in Brasilia April 24- 26, women were the protagonists who met and confronted the Senate and Chamber of Deputies representatives, demanding the return of the Indigenous affairs agency (FUNAI) to the Justice Ministry, one of the aims of the meeting. Among all the anti-Indigenous policies of the present government, this is one that most concerns Indigenous people from all over Brazil, because it means that the demarcation of reserves is now controlled by the landowners.

After the national mobilization, the Movement of Indigenous Women of the Xingu will meet between May 9- 13 in a village of the Upper Xingu, Mato Grosso state, to decide the next steps in what they see to be of fundamental importance: the protection of their territories against the invasions of wildcat miners and loggers. Already responsible for maintaining their culture and traditions, now they are uniting to demand the demarcation of their lands.