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Project November 9, 2023

The Cognitive Science of Deception and Disinformation


In a journalistic exploration of disinformation, deception, and conspiracy theory in the sciences, OpenMind Magazine, in partnership with Scientific American, explores the cognitive drivers of truth decay, Among the elements of this project, we include:

● Six in-depth OpenMind reported features on science misinformation Topics will center around misinformation and misconceptions in neuroscience and psychology

● Six TikTok videos on science misinformation developed collaboratively with neuroscientist Ben Rein of Stanford

● Six podcasts, with accompanying short-form essays, hosted by Corey Powell and produced by Rob Frederick (formerly of AAAS/Science magazine)

● A targeted outreach/social media campaign

Topics from a diverse group of contributors could include:

● The truth behind the “Dunning Kruger” effect

● Air pollution and the hidden cognitive epidemic

● The moral imagination: How people convince themselves to accept ideas and actions that seem to go against their moral principles

● Implicit bias as a public health emergency

● The science myths that put trans people at risk

● Digital psychotherapy in the age of OpenAI