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Centering Humanity: Teaching Enslavement in Elementary School

Event Date:

March 15, 2023 | 7:15 PM EDT TO 8:15 PM EDT

Join 1619 Project Education Network alumni Noncy Fields and Julie Emra for a virtual professional development session to learn more about how they used The 1619 Project with their elementary school students, the impact of their teaching, and how their tools can empower other educators to teach this history well.

Fields and Emra will discuss the pedagogical approach behind their 5th grade unit plan, Uncovering and Reclaiming Historical Identities, which asks:

  • What makes Africa’s history rich? What makes it diverse?
  • What is the history of slavery in America? Who was enslaved?
  • How does knowledge of resistance cultivate a historical identity?
  • How can we reclaim and uncover our own historical identities?

They will also introduce their new Identity Resource Screening Tool (IRST), a flowchart of reflective questions and pathways that can help teachers evaluate how they have taught about a particular identity, with the goal of supporting educators in building more inclusive classroom spaces.

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