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Story Publication logo March 13, 2018

Why Historically Black Colleges Are Enjoying a Renaissance

Freshmen enter the Morehouse chapel named for Martin Luther King, Jr., whose words are etched on the wall. The weekly, required Crown Forum assembly introduces leaders who address issues of the day. The all-male college aims to develop disciplined men who will lead lives of scholarship and service. Image by Radcliffe "Ruddy" Roye. United States, 2017.

Nina Robinson and Ruddy Roye traveled to campuses across the country to see why young black people...

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"Many black students have pivoted to HBCUs recently out of concern that their comfort, safety, and humanity are under siege. Enrollment at many HBCUs, which surged in 2016 and 2017, cannot be disentangled from students’ rising concerns about a world that seems to consistently devalue and dehumanize them. This precariousness has led to a political awakening at institutions with long traditions of activism."

These images and the writing excerpt are part of a larger multimedia project featuring work by Pulitzer Center grantees Nina Robinson and Ruddy Roye. Continue reading and see the full multimedia feature at National Geographic