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Story Publication logo February 23, 2020

Video: Chinese Business (Portuguese)


Eviction of residents in Cajueiro. Image by Ingrid Barros. Brazil, undated.

How Flávio Dino's administration has violated the environmental rights of traditional communities in...

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Image by The Intercept - Brazil. Brazil, 2020.
Image by The Intercept - Brazil. Brazil, 2020.

Imagine waking up one day and finding out you are going to lose your home and your livelihood. And that you'll receive a measly 600 Reais as compensation. This is what happened to members of river-dwelling and Quilombola communities, who were threatened with eviction to make way for massive infrastructure projects in Maranhão, Brazil.

View this video on The Intercept - Brazil's Instagram.

Imagina você acordar um dia e ficar sabendo que vai perder sua casa e seu sustento. E que, como indenização, vai ganhar míseros R$ 600. Foi o que aconteceu com ribeirinhos e quilombolas, ameaçados de despejo para dar lugar a megaobras no Maranhão.