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Project December 13, 2023

Health Care Struggles of Thailand's Transgender Community



Organizations that are a part of Bangkok Pride are represented at a press conference for the "Three Miracle Laws," centered around three legal measures in Thailand: the Legal Gender Recognition Bill, the Marriage Equality Bill, and the Decriminalization of Sex Work Bill. Image by Sararat Tosakoon. Thailand, 2023. 

While Thailand is renowned for its openness and the visibility of the queer community, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) reports an alarming HIV prevalence rate of 11% among transgender individuals, significantly surpassing the national average of 1.1%. The health gap of transgender people underscores challenges in this community.

This project sheds light on health disparities, gender recognition hurdles, and the geographical and financial obstacles that limit access to affordable and inclusive health care for the transgender community. Through individuals' stories, the narrative unfolds to inspire a deeper understanding of the struggles and resilience of Thailand's transgender community.

Amid these challenges, the Tangerine Clinic stands as a groundbreaking initiative, offering comprehensive and affordable gender-affirming care services. Collaborative efforts by the Thai Transgender Alliance further signal progress in proposing gender justice bills and advocating for the integration of gender-affirming care into universal health.

This project passes the mic to those who showcase collective actions to create a more inclusive and equitable health care landscape for Thailand's transgender people.