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Project August 16, 2021

Afghanistan: After the Americans



As the U.S. military leaves Afghanistan, and the Taliban seize control of the country, the future of 40 million people hangs in the balance. Many in Afghanistan are too young to remember 9/11, yet they had pinned their hopes on modernizing reforms promised by the Americans. Now, as they watch a regime known for its extreme repression take power, these abandoned Afghans cling to hope that the transition can be peaceful. This is the most pivotal moment in Afghanistan’s history since the U.S. invasion 20 years ago. It is also a historic, tragic moment for the legacy of U.S. foreign policy — the country’s longest-ever war has been lost, and the impact of that will play out for years after the last American military plane takes off.

Journalist Jane Ferguson reports from Kabul as we witness in real time this moment in history.