Verónica Goyzueta


Journalism Fund

Born in Peru, Verónica Goyzueta has lived in Brazil for more than two decades, working as a journalist with a dedicated focus on political, social, and environmental issues, achieving vast knowledge and excellent insight into Brazilian and South America culture. 

She served as a correspondent working for leading media groups such as Dow Jones, Financial Times, and the Spanish Vocento, covering and writing about Brazilian politics, business and financial markets. Goyzueta was also the Brazil editor of the Chile-based magazine AméricaEconomía and a researcher for the Intelligence Unit of the Chile-based news agency, Business News Americas (BNA), focusing on infrastructure, energy, biofuels and logistics.

Since 2002, she has been the Brazil correspondent for the Spanish newspaper ABC, writing from different Brazilian aspects, including the Amazon rainforest, deforestation, and conflicts against traditional communities.

In 2014, she received a Mongabay fellowship at the Special Reporting Initiatives (SRI) program, to cover the social and environmental impacts of foreign development finance in the Western Amazon. She reported for Mongabay on Ecuador and Peru, following the infrastructure money, and exploring the potential environmental, conflicts, and human costs for Indigenous peoples. 

Holding a master's degree in history and culture, she is also a professor, teaching at ESPM School of Journalism in São Paulo. 

As a freelancer she reported for Latin America, U.S., and European media outlets. She has built a close network of journalists, as well as, universities, governments, and NGOs. 

She was president of the Brazilian Foreign Correspondents Association (ACE) from 2000 to 2009, and co-editor of the book Brazil dos Correspondentes (São Paulo, 2008).

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