Takumã Kuikuro


Journalism Fund

Takumã Kuikuro is a Kuikuro Indigenous filmmaker and currently lives in the Ipatse village, in Xingu Indigenous Park, Brazil.

He directed the documentaries Karioka (2014), The Hyperwomen (2011) with Leonardo Sette and Carlos Fausto, and The Smell of pequi (2007), among others.

His films have been recognized at festivals such as Gramado and Brasília, and at Presence Autochtone de Terres in Vues, in Montréal. His work has also been shown on Netflix.

In 2017, he received the Honorary Scholarship from Queen Mary University of London. In 2019 he was the first Indigenous juror of the Brazilian Film Festival in Brasília.

He received training from and led trainings for the Vídeo nas Aldeias nonprofit for Indigenous peoples.

Takumã Kuikuro headshot