Nick Schifrin


Nick Schifrin leads PBS NewsHour's foreign reporting and has created weeklong, in-depth series for NewsHour from China, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Cuba, Mexico, and the Baltics.

His PBS NewsHour series Inside Putin's Russia won a 2018 Peabody Award and the National Press Club's Edwin M. Hood Award for Diplomatic Correspondence. In November 2020, Schifrin received the American Academy of Diplomacy’s Arthur Ross Media Award for Distinguished Reporting and Analysis of Foreign Affairs.

Prior to NewsHour, Schifrin was Al Jazeera America's Middle East correspondent, leading its coverage of the 2014 war in Gaza, which won an Overseas Press Club Award, and its coverage of the annexation of Crimea, which won a National Headliner Award. When he was with ABC (2008-12), he delivered the first video from inside Osama bin Laden’s compound.

Schifrin has most recently been reporting on the Russia invasion of Ukraine for NewsHour.




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