Manuel Seoane


Journalism Fund

Manuel Seoane is a Bolivian photographer. He studied photojournalism at DMJX in Denmark.

Seoane's work within Aymara communities was awarded with a National Geographic Society Grant, the Reuters Photojournalism Grant and has been featured in several festivals and contests such as Tbilisi Night of Photography, Lumix Festival, The Fence, Flash Forward 2018, PhotogrVphy Grant and Lucie Foundation Scholarship. Such work was also runner up at Open Society Foundation's Moving Walls 25 contest and advanced to the final rounds of the recent World Press Photo Contest 2019.

His work has been published in some international media such as Lens-New York Times (US), Teìleìrama (France), Deutsche Presse-Agentur (Germany), Huck Magazine (UK) and Die Zeit (Germany), among others. He was recently selected for the Lens-New York Times PoILGrtfolio Review.

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