Larry C. Price


Larry C. Price is an award-winning documentary photographer and multimedia journalist based in Dayton, Ohio. He spent much of his career in newspaper journalism as a photographer and an editor.

A native Texan and journalism graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Price worked for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in the early 1980s. He won the Pulitzer Prize for spot news photography for his coverage of the 1980 coup d'état in Liberia in West Africa. The assignment was his first trip out of the United States and had a profound effect on his outlook on other cultures.

"I know I found my calling during that trip," Price said. "I suddenly realized I could control this little instrument in my hand and use my eyes to create images that had real impact and could cause change."

At The Philadelphia Inquirer he covered crisis and conflict on three continents, including civil wars in Central America and Africa. Price won a second Pulitzer Prize for his photography in El Salvador and Angola in 1985. He was among the first to photograph the pre-Taliban period in Afghanistan after the 1989 pullout of Soviet troops.

More recently, he was an assistant managing editor at The Denver Post, where he coordinated and edited the visual report from the events stemming from the 9/11 attacks and subsequent U.S. involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Price previously reported on child labor in Asia and Africa, mercury pollution caused by small-scale gold mining, and the toxic hazards found in the leather and textile industries of India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

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