Kendra Grissom


Kendra earned her B.A. in History from Spelman College in May 2020. She graduated summa cum laude with college-wide honors and as valedictorian. 

Kendra is passionate about making African American history accessible. Toward this end, she serves on her local school system's social studies advisory board. Additionally, through community organizations, she develops and teaches African American history workshops for middle and high school students. 

Beyond her educational work, Kendra enjoys research. Her current research interests include Black American political and labor history and the Cold War. 

Kendra aspires to use her academic training to bridge gaps between academia and K-12 education and curate educational spaces where people of all ages can learn and engage with African American history.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and binge-watching YouTube videos.

headshot of Kendra Grissom