Irénée Bidima


Journalism Fund
Congo Basin

Irénée Modeste Bidima is a Cameroonian agricultural journalist with more than 20 years of experience in print and online media, as well as in the multifaceted support of communities, rural entrepreneurs, and civil society organizations.

He has worked for the newspaper La Voix du Paysan, and currently works as a freelance journalist for the website

He is passionate about environmental journalism, and has contributed to with several field reports.

He is the author of two books published by the Association Ingénieurs Sans Frontières (ISF) in partnership with the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation CTA, based in the Netherlands: Practical Guide to the Breeding and Marketing of Geese, published in 2014, and Practical Guide to the Production, Processing and Marketing of Moringa, published in 2015.

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