Geneviève Kumba


Journalism Fund
Congo Basin

Geneviève Kumba is a journalist from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She studied communication at the Catholic University of Kinshasa, and also received a degree in journalism from the Higher School of Training of Journalists and Information.

Kumba works as a reporter and producer for Congolese National Radio and Television (RTNC). She produces a program titled Muasi Mobali pe Nzinga Nzinga (Gender and Environment) on RTNC and reports on gender, the environment, and conservation.

She has been recognized by Gender Links via its sustainable development competitions. Kumba won the first prize in the empowerment of women in TV category and second prize in the category of sustainable development and climate change. She is a member of the Congolese Union of Media Women, the Network of Environmental Communicators, the Coalition of Women Leaders for the Environment and Sustainable Development.