Don Kevin Hapal


Don Kevin Hapal is a journalist specializing in propaganda and disinformation research.

He started his career in the media as a digital communications specialist at the Philippines-based news site Rappler, then went on to lead Rappler’s section for overseas Filipinos and migrant workers, Balikbayan.

He then transitioned to data journalism, being part of the team that pioneered disinformation research at Rappler. He helped craft Rappler’s digital forensics methodologies and he has written extensively about state-sponsored propaganda and disinformation, online harassment of journalists, and red-tagging, the malicious blacklisting of individuals or organizations as communists or terrorists.

Hapal also led Rappler’s data team, helping the organization and its partners craft data-driven brand and content strategies, marketing campaigns, as well as audience development playbooks. He works with Rappler’s Digital Forensics Team, composed of journalists and data scientists studying disinformation.

He is also a fellow of the Asian American Journalists Association’s Executive Leadership Program for 2021.

Don Kevin Hapal headshot