Dayna Kerecman Myers


Dayna Kerecman Myers is the managing editor of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's Global Health NOW news service. Earlier, she picked up experience in broadcast news, monitoring the news wires, writing news briefs, and serving as the assignment editor for the PBS NewsHour, as well as conducting research for MacNeil/Lehrer Productions documentary films. She also worked to support the development of independent media as a program officer and editor of the International Research and Exchanges Board's Media Sustainability Index and as a co-financing officer for the Open Society Institute in Washington DC's media development projects. Prior to that, she served  as a program officer for OSI's Landmines Project. She is especially interested in public health in relation to freedom of speech and refugee issues, with a special focus on the former Soviet Union. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Russian History from Wells College. 

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