Avener Prado


Journalism Fund

Avener Prado is a Brazilian photojournalist. Born and raised in Porto Velho, Rondônia, in northern Brazil, he began his career at age 18 as a photo-documentarian, traveling through newly established towns in the interior of the Brazilian Amazon. Prado was hired by Brazil's leading daily newspaper, Folha de S.Paulo, in 2012 as a photo and video reporter. After seven years at the newspaper, he left to pursue a freelance career. Today, his work is regularly published in international outlets such as EL PAÍS, BBC, Aljazeera; The Guardian and Le Monde, as well as Brazilian news portals Repórter Brasil and UOL. His work has won several awards, including POY Documentary Project of the Year: Climate Crisis, third place, group award - 2019; King of Spain, Digital Journalism: World of Walls Series, Madrid, Spain, first place, group award - 2018; International Committee of the Red Cross International Humanitarian Coverage, group award - 2017; POY Latam, The Future Of Cities (series), Second Place, solo award - 2017.

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