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Reframing the Legacy of Slavery with The 1619 Project

Event Date:

February 10, 2023 | 3:45 PM EST TO 5:00 PM EST

Join the Pulitzer Center and our Mizzen by Mott partners at the 2023 Beyond School Hours conference in Orlando! We will be exhibiting February 9–12, and holding a workshop on February 10 at 3:45pm EST.

The 1619 Project launched in August 2019 with a special issue of The New York Times Magazine, including essays and creative works by journalists, historians, and artists. The project illuminates the legacy of slavery in the contemporary United States and highlights the contributions of Black Americans to every aspect of American society. Since its launch, the project has invigorated public discussions about U.S. history, national memory, and racial justice. Educators have integrated 1619 materials into their classrooms in every U.S. state.

In this 75-minute workshop led by K-12 Program Manager S. Jaya Mukherjee, out-of-school time educators will explore the questions and ideas that drive the project. We’ll also explore the 1619 module and tips for educators on Mizzen by Mott, a free app that delivers exciting learning opportunities that inspire, engage, and empower young learners in the out-of-school time space.

You can register for the Beyond School Hours conference here, and learn more about workshops offered here!