Lesson Plan August 13, 2015

Proposing a Win for Women Worldwide


Questions for "Olga’s Girls: Indentured Servitude in Nepal"

  1. Describe the foundation that Olga started and why it is needed.
  2. Why does Olga have some sympathy for families who participate in the Kamlari practice?
  3. What does Olga consider “progress” and why?

Questions for "WBEZ: Ana Santos on Ending a Marriage in the Philippines"

  1. In the Philippines, what are the different options available for separating from your spouse?
  2. Why is getting an annulment difficult?
  3. Why did Ana’s lawyer recommend that she declare herself psychologically incapacitated?
  4. How might you characterize the judge that was in charge of Ana’s case?  Explain your answer.
  5. Why does Ana characterize women as “vulnerable” in the Philippines?
  6. Describe how social media pressure can influence policies in the Philippines.

Questions for "Indian Women Stand Up to Husbands Who Demand Sex-Selective Abortions"

  1. Read Indian Women Stand Up to Husbands Who Demand Sex-Selective Abortions and answer the following questions.
  2. Explain why India is characterized as having a sexist system.
  3. Describe how Indian women are beginning to stand up to the sexist system.
  4. Why is Selvi willing to forgive her husband?


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