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Activity August 28, 2023

The News and You: Media Literacy Resources for Afterschool Education

Lesson Summary: These media literacy activities for afterschool educators will help students critically analyze and navigate the news. Students will explore what is journalism, why are underreported stories important, how to recognize bias, how editorial judgment shapes the news, and how to use news as a tool to take informed action.

Below, you will find an outline of the media literacy activities

About These Resources:

How can good journalism and media literacy skills empower people?

The News and You, a collection of activities containing modules for students in grades 2-6 and 7-12, is designed to support students in critically navigating the news. Students will move from learning the basics of what journalism is and reflection on their relationship with the news to actively engaging with and responding to underreported new stories. In the process, students will have the opportunity to practice identifying and interrupting bias, roleplay as journalists and editors, explore how news can illuminate systemic global issues, and amplify stories that matter to them through creative and journalistic projects.

Activities engage students in guided discussion, multimedia exploration, and hands-on learning. They have been designed with the dynamic, fast-paced environment out-of-school time educators navigate, but can also serve classroom teachers looking for exciting ways to explore journalism, media literacy, and global issues with their students. Each activity is aligned with select Common Core ELA and ISTE standards. They include step-by-step facilitation instructions, downloadable worksheets, multimedia resources, facilitations tips, and variations for different students and learning environments.

How to Access the Resources:

Explore the tabs above to find descriptions of the activities for each grade level. The complete activities and resources are hosted on Mizzen, a free app to help out-of-school time professionals deliver exciting learning opportunities that inspire, engage, and empower young learners. Register for free below!

After you register for an account, you can explore the Mizzen app to find the Pulitzer Center's collections and activities. Alternatively, you can return to this page and use the tabs for each collection to find direct links to each collection on Mizzen.


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