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Lesson Plan May 31, 2020

Index and Flashcards for Terms and Historical Events

Lesson Summary: A partial listing of historical events and terms referenced in The 1619 Project essays and Quizlet flashcards to support teachers and students with curricular integration. Links: Terms and historical events [.pdf] Quizlet flashcards

Below is a partial listing of historical events and terms referenced in The 1619 Project magazine issue. While many articles refer to terms and historical events that can be understood using context clues within the stories, some terms should be previewed with students prior to reading.

1. To download a PDF of all terms included below:

2. To access page numbers, excerpts, and guiding questions for the 18 essays:

3. To access page numbers, guiding questions, and historical events (not included below) for the 17 creative texts:

Terms and Historical Events Cited in The 1619 Project Essays:

Affirmative Action

The Affordable Care Act


The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Cotton Farming

The Declaration of Independence

Fiat Currency

  • "Good as Gold" by Mehrsa Baradaran

The Freedmen's Bureau

The GI Bill

The Great Depression

  • "Good as Gold" by Mehrsa Baradaran
  • "Capitalism" by Matthew Desmond

The Great Recession

Hurricane Katrina

The Industrial Revolution

Jim Crow Laws

The Louisiana Purchase


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