Summary graphic for this lesson, readig: "Students will analyze how journalists tell underreported stories using audio and apply tips from Pulitzer Center-supported journalists for telling audio stories themselves."

Lesson Plan September 13, 2023

How To Tell Underreported Stories With Audio


Warm-up: Students discuss their understanding of and experience with audio journalism

Introducing Underreported Stories: Students watch the video "What Are Underreported Stories, and Why Do They Matter?"

Telling Stories with Audio: Students watch and analyze the following videos to learn from Pulitzer Center-supported audio journalists about how they report underreported stories.

Practice: Students apply what they learned and create their own audio story/podcast.

Extension Activities:

Option 1: What makes audio different from other mediums, like photo and video journalism? Students create an audio reflection of their learning.

Option 2: Students create a non-narrated audio story, centering the voices of subjects/interviewees.



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