artwork from The 1857 Project

Lesson Plan August 26, 2020

Exploring 'The 1857 Project: Extracting the Poison of Racism from America’s Soul' by William H. Freivogel

Lesson Summary: This lesson plan is designed to introduce William Freivogel’s essay, and The 1857 Project as a whole, through discussion questions and guided reading.

Warm-up: Considering the impact of slavery on America and the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863

Introducing the Lesson: Exploring The 1857 Project and The 1619 Project

Reading and Comprehension Questions: Reading and evaluating an excerpt from "Extracting the Poison of Racism from America's Soul" by William Freivogel

In-depth Reading and Discussion: Examining and analyzing Freivogel's full essay

Extension Activities: Continuing your exploration of The 1857 Project 


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