In this lesson, students engage with stories about Latinx leaders and organizations on the frontlines of serving their communities before researching and celebrating local Latinx changemakers.

Lesson Plan September 21, 2021

Celebrating Latinx Organizations and Leaders on the Frontlines



Warm-up: Reflecting on needs in students’ own communities, and the leaders and organizations working to address those needs.

Introducing the Lesson: In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, this lesson plan focuses on a collection of stories that highlight how Latinx leaders and organizations have played a critical role in meeting the needs of their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Introducing the Reporting: Students choose to read one or more Pulitzer Center-supported stories about Latinx leaders and community organizations. 

Reflection and Discussion: Sharing brief summaries of the stories students explored and discussing how Latinx leaders and community organizations are providing services and tackling challenges in their communities.

Extension Activities:

  1. Research and presentation on a Latinx community leader
  2. Research and presentation on a famous Latinx figure
  3. Writing a letter advocating for change
  4. Finding an underreported story in your local community


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