Pulitzer Center Update May 9, 2023

Virtual Journalist Visit Opportunities for Mental Health Awareness Month 2023

Decorative graphic for Mental Health Awareness Month

This Mental Health Awareness Month, open up a conversation about mental health challenges and solutions by bringing in a journalist who has reported on relevant topics! Take a look at our featured guest speakers below, and click here to request a free virtual visit with a journalist. This opportunity is open to classroom and out-of-school time educators, as well as educators working with students in carceral facilities.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Journalists can share stories about mental health challenges around the world, as well as how they tend to their own mental health when telling difficult stories, and how students can develop a healthy relationship with the news.

  • Diana Rayes, a journalist who reported on the mental health challenges of recently displaced Ukrainians in Turkey.
  • Emanuella Evans, a multimedia journalist who explores the mental health of South Sudanese immigrants and youth in the diaspora.
  • Lisa Armstronga journalist who has reported on mental health in U.S. carceral facilities and the role that for-profit mental health care providers have played in an increase in suicides in state prisons.
  • Carly Berlin, a journalist who reported on how 

    Hurricane Laura affected the mental health of residents in southwest Louisiana.

  • Kayla Hui, a public health journalist who reported on the mental health challenges Chinese immigrant truck drivers face in the U.S.
  • Melissa Noel, a multimedia journalist who explored how Jamaican children whose parents migrated abroad for work cope with long-term separation.
  • Sarah Shourd, an investigative journalist and playwright who has reported on the criminalization of mental illness and solitary confinement in U.S. prisons.
  • Ying-Yu (Alicia) ChenMihir Melwani, and Jeremy Ethan, journalists who reported on the experiences of physically and psychologically wounded Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Arianne Henry, a journalist, and public health professional who reported on the mental health of Ethiopian women doing domestic work in Saudi Arabia.

NOTE: Due to availability, we cannot always guarantee a specific journalist, but we will work with you to suggest several options based on your goals and meeting times.

About the Virtual Journalist Visit Program

The Pulitzer Center offers free virtual journalist visits to K-12 schools worldwide. We have worked with over a thousand journalists over the years, covering diverse topics and geographic regions, and we will match you with a journalist based on your request. We use many different platforms to connect, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams, and we will work with you to identify the best technology for your learners. Virtual journalist visits are a great way to help students:

  • Understand how what they're studying affects people's lives
  • Learn how research, writing, critical thinking, multimedia, and more skills are used in journalism
  • Practice preparing and asking questions of an expert
  • Get excited about using the news to learn about the world
  • And much more!

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