Pulitzer Center Update July 10, 2024

Introducing Our 1619 Education Impact Grantees


The Pulitzer Center is excited to introduce the nine recipients of our newest 1619 Education Program, the 1619 Education Impact Grant. These grantees were selected from 75 applicants across the United States to engage both students and teachers with the content and themes of The 1619 Project in collaborative and innovative ways that impact beyond the individual classroom level. 

The 1619 Education Impact grantees represent six states and the District of Columbia. The grantee cohort includes career K-12 educators, college professors, non-profit leaders, and museum directors. Their projects will reach students and educators in nine different cities with focuses that include: the history of Black people in Appalachia; the history of Black education reform activists; and the connected legacies of institutional slavery among Black, Latine, and Indigenous Peoples in the Americas and Caribbean. 

Each project will utilize at least one resource from The 1619 Project to:

  1. Improve the awareness and critical thinking of students and/or educators about the legacies of slavery in the contemporary United States, and the contributions of Black Americans to every aspect of U.S. society
  2. Equip students and/or educators to take action and make change that advances racial justice

Learn more about each grantee project in the slideshow below! (Click on the image to advance slides.)

The 1619 Education Impact Grantees had their program orientation on June 29, 2024 and will be implementing their projects throughout the fall semester. Grantees voiced both gratitude and excitement for the program during the orientation, feeling confident about the potential for sustained impact in their communities.

As a member of the inaugural cohort, I am just excited to revisit The 1619 Project with updated resources.

Abigail H., The 1619 Project Teaching Lab

Thank you for trusting us to do this great work. We are excited, inspired, and motivated.

Kayla C., The Demands of Equity in Higher Education

Thank you for sharing the resources and all of the wonderful things that the Pulitzer Center and [The 1619 Project] is doing. You are positively impacting the world! I am excited to be a part of this great movement!

Dr. K., Cultivating Consciousness

A presentation of Grantee projects and impact will take place this December after implementation is complete. Learn more about the 1619 Education Impact Grant program and subscribe to our 1619 Education Newsletter to stay in the loop about how you can get involved with programming related to The 1619 Project and other Racial Justice reporting projects.